Do you need fabrication ,assembly or complete contract manufacturing? We will help with all these areas. In addition to our molding facility, we offer complete CNC fabrication of plastic and metal parts using large machining centers.

Perhaps you need ultrasonic welding, simple or complex adhesives to bond various materials? We have expertise in this area and will gladly assist as needed.

Why purchase machined parts from one source, molded parts from another, assembly from another when you can single source all of the above services.

Our Plastic Assembly expertise includes the plastic assembly of plastic to plastic or plastic to metal.

  • Eliminate the cost, time and uncertainty of proper fit of mating parts during plastic assembly
  • Minimize the need to coordinate delivery schedules from multiple vendors
  • Reduce the effort expended on low volume, none core manufacturing processes

Processes used for Decorating or Assembly


pad printing, silk screening and hot stamping

Assembly of Components

sonic welding, spin welding , bonding by adhesives or by hand depending on the requirement

Industries We Serve