Machined Components

Plastics machining is a specialized area of expertise that AMI PLASTICS has developed. Plastics machining requires a different approach than metals machining because of the unique work-holding and tooling required to hold tolerances and surface finishes.

Plastic machining techniques that we employ:
  • Stress relieving : of plastic before or as an interim step the production process to produce required tolerances
  • Fixturing/Workholding : Plastics must be fixtured or held in such a way as to not induce stress into the material
  • Burrs : plastic require special tools and deburring methods to manufacture cost effectivley
  • Finishes : Plastic requires specific tool geometries for optimum machining speeds
  • Hardware Inserts : Many times installing thread inserts into plastic is great way to achieve thread strength in plastic

Machined Parts
Balls Nozzles Semiconductor Parts
Back-Up Rings O-Rings Sleeves
Bearings Pads Spacers
Blocks Parts Supports
Bushings Plugs Valve Seats
Cams Rings Washers
Caps Rods Wear Pads
Guides Rollers Wear Rings
Medical Parts Seals

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