If your plans are to prototype we can offer assistance with CNC machined models in the plastic of choice, custom low cost premolds that deliver a molded sample in requested polymer, and of course production molds of single cavity, multi cavity and family cavities of different parts. We design and build many mold in house and outsource some depending upon specifics of each part. We always insist on very high quality from internal group and from our outside partners. Has any company ever built a mold at no charge to you? We have on occasion.

As custom mold builders we are able to handle tools ranging insize from simple MUD insert tools to 29 x 35 size frames. We typically build all frames in house to assure that quality is our first priority.

AMI PLASTICS, specializes in the custom design of tooling for many industrial segments. All tools are constructed for clean room applications. We are capable of working right from your 3D solid model to construct a class 101 tool for your application.

All molds are built with the same care and pride no matter what the complexity of your part. We employ all the latest techniques to cut down costs, such as hard milling of steel up to 56 Rc. By hard milling we are able to eliminate most of the time consuming EDM process to achieve the finished results in shorter lead times. AMI has the latest software and is constantly upgrading equipment to stay ahead of our competition.

Industries We Serve