Extrusions have several advantages over other forms of plastics manufacturing such as the ability to create plastic forms of infinite length, in very large (or small) production volumes. Ami Plastics specializes in many thermoplastic compounds such as rigid and flexible PVC, UPVC & ABS.

We work diligently to offer you only the very best in plastic extrusion profiles. Plastic extrusions have grown into one of the industry’s most cost effective manufacturing processes, with a high production rate compared to a relatively low cost. Typically, this process is most common with clients that are looking for a final product that has either a very complex design or a consistent cross-section in two dimensions, rather than a 3 dimensional injection molded process. Our secret to premium plastic extrusions lies in the materials that we use, because we know that an end product is only as good as its beginning.

Our experts will work with you to make sure we not only select the correct material for your job, but that you also understand the design and manufacturing process. Once we determine the best material for your application, we melt the material down and force it through the die, or mold. This is typically a custom made die tool, as it is what shapes the plastic into the final product you require. We will work with you to make sure the die is designed in a way that results in an end product that is up to both your standards and ours. We have worked hard over 37 years to improve this process and we are happy to report our capabilities are among the highest in the industry. When the melted plastic exits the die cavity, it starts to cool and harden. After the plastic fully cools we put the final touches on your end product, from packaging or assembly to close tolerance cutting, SFR Industries has a number of value-added services.

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