Our Quality Policy

The high quality of plastic molded parts and injection molded parts manufactured by AMI PLASTICS is one of the basic reason for our success. In addition We work diligently to offer you only the very best in plastic extrusion profiles. These are an important criterion for the decision to purchase and serves to sustain a reliable bond with the customer.

Maintaining and reinforcing the reputation of AMI PLASTICS while fulfilling customer requirements is an obligation, which demands great effort in terms of product quality and services.

In all functional areas, from procuring orders right up to product application, avoiding errors and uncompromisingly eliminating the sources of errors is our main objective. This not only enhances the quality of the products and the satisfaction of customers, but also helps to stem the continuous increase in costs.

All parts at AMI PLASTICS are manufactured under the supervision of qualified and trained staff on latest microprocessor controlled machineries, which ensures a trust and consistent quality at all times. We manufacture all the products with best available raw materials and on the latest plant and machinery resulting in uniform quality and high dispersion.